Bike (or Walk) to School Celebration

May 16, 2017 @ 7:30 am – 8:00 am
Alto Park
Tim Rogers

Celebrate recent River Trail improvements, and encourage children and adults to walk or bike to Aspen Community School, Gonzales Community School, Dragonfly School, and anywhere else they can!

We will meet at 7:30 in Alto Park between the baseball fields, where a new trail now connects the River Trail to Alto St. at La Madera St. – the location of a school crossing for Aspen Community School.

A bicycle convoy will be departing for the event from Frenchy’s Field at 7:10.  Another group on foot, on bikes, or on other kinds of wheels will leave from W. Alameda near the Solana Dr. crossing at 7:15.

The celebration will be fun but fast because the kids will have to dash off to school to beat the bell well before 8 am.  Coffee will be provided by the Betterday Cafe and Restaurant.

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