SFCT Trail Events in 2017

Links below describe how each event in 2017 went.  For information on upcoming trail events, see SFCT’s Events page or take a look at the TAOSF calendar.

Removing Fallen Trees near Cerro Gordo Trailhead, Jan. 25

Community Cruise to Gail Ryba Trail for “Bike Day at the Capitol,” Feb. 25

Trail Work in La Tierra Trails, April 5

Trail Work in Dale Ball Trails, April 12, 19 & 27,  May 8

Bike Route 66 Ride with BTAC On-Road Subcommittee, April 23

Field Trips to Dale Ball Trails for Camino Real Academy and Nina Otero Community School, May 3 – 18

River and Acequia Cruise, May 13

Bike-to-School Celebration, May 16

Caja del Rio Gravel Grinder, May 19

Bike-to-Work Day, May 19

Magical History Cruise, May 20

Atalaya Trail Work, May 30

Work at Frijoles Trailhead, La Tierra Trails, June 13

Take a Kid Hiking Day, June 17

Signage and Other Trail Work in Dale Ball South, June 23 and 29

Cerro Gordo Trailhead Connection, Dale Ball Trails, July 20

La Tierra Trails / Dog Park Connector, July -September

Arbolitos Trail, August – September

Seed Ball Throw, Native Plant Day, August 19

Demonstration Work Day and Hike with International Visitors, August 28

Putting up Wayfinding Signage on Talaya Hill with County Volunteers, September 15 and 22

Bicycle Tour for International Making Cities Livable Conference, Oct. 2

Field Trips to La Tierra Trails for Camino Real Academy and Nina Otero Community School, Oct. 3 – Nov. 6

Atalaya Trail Work Day, Oct. 10

La Tierra Trails Work Days in October

Dale Ball Trails, Central Section, Oct.-Nov.

Sun Mountain Trail Work, Nov. 17

Dale Ball Trails, South Section, Nov. 29 & Dec. 2